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5 Great Uses of Foldable Electric Bikes

5 Great Uses of Foldable Electric Bikes

Do you want to go on a long ride but don't have the time?

What about carrying your electric bike up and downstairs with ease?

Are you tired of just having just a plain ol' traditional size bicycle that you can't seem to find a room for anywhere?

A foldable electric bike is an answer for you! There are many reasons why foldable e-bikes are becoming more popular.

This blog post will talk about 5 great uses of foldable electric bikes that might make them worth purchasing (even if you can't afford one).

The Foldable E-bike

folding ebikes

Here at beach city cycle one of our most favorite rides are the foldable electric bikes. Not only are they foldable, but their electric assist makes for a perfect ride even if you have never ridden before!

The versatility of a folding e-bike is one of our favorite aspects. With a sturdy hinge that allows it to fold in for compact storage and then expand when you're ready for adventure, this amazing ride-on can travel over any terrain.

It's not difficult to see why it's easy to fall in love with a foldable electric bike. No value is lost when you can have a space-saver that doesn't break the bank.

Roadside assistance is available on-demand

A folding e-bike may be a lifesaver when you take a road trip. With no triple-A to save you, what would you do? The greatest thing you can do is either go on foot to get to the gas station or bust out your space-saving foldable electric bike.

Of course, you would take out your "swiss army of an e-bike".

However, that isn't the only time when a folding electric bike can assist you while on the move.

Featured Product:
EUNORAU NEW-TRIKE 48V500W 20'' Step-Through Fat Tire Folding Electric Tricycle

Power Features:


BATTERY RANGE: 30-40 Miles



THROTTLE: Half Twist Throttle

Your Reliable Go-To Companion

A foldable electric bike, or folding e-bike, can be your reliable go-to companion for a variety of reasons.

For one, foldable e-bikes are very convenient and can be used by anyone. They fold up into a compact size that makes them easy to carry and store away. Since they fold up into such a small size, a folding e-bike doesn't take up much space when not in use.

Another great reason foldable e-bikes are a perfect choice is because of their versatility. Folding electric bikes come in a wide range of styles and designs, so there's something out there for everyone. Some folding electric bikes even have an optional rack on the back so you can carry your belongings with you.

And foldable electric bikes offer a smooth ride, whether it’s on the road or off. They are one of the most energy-efficient types of transportation around and provide an eco-friendly way to get from point A to B in style!

Motorcycle... But Why?

We all know that motorcycles are cool but they're not for everyone.

Motorcycles are expensive, take up a lot of space, and can be dangerous.

Besides the two reasons, having a motorcycle has some pretty serious upkeep from maintenance, insurance, and registration.

If you have a family it can just gather dust for years in storage and the lack of time or funds can be trouble for getting it to run again.

Folding electric bikes offer many advantages over a motorcycle. They fold down small enough to fit in your trunk or backseat so you don't have to worry about storage space or theft when not in use. They also cost less than buying a new car or motorcycle which means you'll save money on gas and insurance costs too!

Plus, electric bikes are much safer they are also much easier to control because you don't have to balance yourself or shift gears so they're great for people who haven't ever ridden a bike before.

And finally, folding electric bikes are the perfect solution if you can only do short rides on your own time and want something that will get you where you need to go without breaking the bank.

Campsite Rider

Camping is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

One of the most rewarding features of camping is exploring.

Having a folding electric bike is the perfect partner when camping. It's lightweight, compact, and sturdy, making it the ideal companion for your next outdoor excursion.

You can fold it up and take it with you anywhere!

Especially when it can give you and your family a chance to really enjoy the surroundings full-time.

With fat tires on these bad boys, you are bound to explore terrains you may have not been able to explore the last time around.

Featured Product:
Eunorau 20" Fat Tire Model E-FAT-MN E-Bike

Power Feature:
MOTOR: 48V/500W brushless DC hub motor HIGH TORQUE
FRAME: Aluminum alloy 6061 
BATTERY RANGE: 40-50 Miles*

Campus Cruising

Campus life is a hodgepodge of late-night studying, pop quizzes, finding the right balance of social life, and yes parties. There's plenty of reason why the semester may make you sweat. Attending class on time shouldn't be one of them.

A foldable E-bike is a great partner for campus life because they're good for short distances and allow riders to take advantage of bike lanes. It's also easier to store at the dorm, as an added bonus you wouldn't have to worry about gas money budget, that expensive campus parking fees, and be afraid of it being stolen by keeping it on a bike rack overnight.


Featured Product:

GlareWheel EB-RE Fat Tire Electric Bike


Power Features:
Range: 30-40miles
Battery: 48V 13Ah
Motor Power: 500W
Drive Mode: Pedal Assist and Throttle


Folding electric bikes are a necessity for many different lifestyles. Whether you need an affordable and reliable form of transportation, a vehicle to take on your next camping trip, or just something fun to ride around campus with, there is no better option than owning one of these folding e-bikes. They’re lightweight but still provide enough power to get anywhere from 10-30 miles per hour depending on their size. This makes them perfect for the city dweller who needs help getting up hills in bad weather, camping enthusiasts who want a mode of transport that doesn't require gas or can be carried easily while hiking and so much more! You will never have trouble finding storage space again because they fold down into themselves making them small enough to fit in a tiny closet or on a shelf.

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